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What is Itzuli API?

Itzuli API is a new interface whose aim is to openly provide translation capabilities. Its purpose is to enable and facilitate innovative use cases in research and development projects.


In order to improve Basque language technologies, it is essential that developers can integrate them. Thereby, we decided to enable and facilitate innovation by providing integration tools with Batua.eus translation capabilities.


API technical documentation is available in this site: https://api.itzuli.vicomtech.org/doc/

Examples & libraries

Visit our Github repository to get usage examples and API libraries. All of them are released under GPLv3 free software license. https://github.com/Vicomtech/itzuli-api-lib

API code request

Please, fill this form to request your API key. This information will only be used to restrict abuse and this will not be correlated to your translation requests in any way.

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